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Little Creations is a happy Nursery school with all nationalities. We offer safe, secure premises for children aged 18 months to Grade 00

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What We Offer

Whilst preschool is a time for fun and play, we believe in the development of all our children from the youngest to those that will soon be going off to Primary school. Children learn much through play as it is a natural way for them to gain important lessons to assist them with skills needed for school readiness, giving them a strong base for academic success.

The school provides an environment where children are encouraged to play, be creative and discover. Lessons are prepared for each age group by their teacher creating a balance between freedom and predictability. We have qualified and experienced teachers, at a favourable teacher to learner ratio.

We have CCTV cameras on the premises so that parents can view their children online and there is always a nurse on duty.

At Little Creations we have a dietitian designed menu to ensure that the children are receiving a balanced diet daily.


Reading and writing is one of the most important skills you acquire as a preschooler, which is also a key element in acquiring a good education


Ability to understand and work with numbers. The foundations of mathematical reasoning


Besides health benefits, sport gives children the many life lessons that can contribute to the professional and personal achievements in adult life

The curriculum is based on the needs of the children, both now and for their future, encouraging and inspiring them.
There is much more than the learning of colours, numbers and the alphabet. Learning includes a strong knowledge base that can support things such as:

  • To think independently whilst being able to pay attention
  • Develop their language skills to be understood and understand others
  • Comprehension
  • Develop their problem solving abilities
  • To be creative and confident
  • Drawing inferences
  • Making predictions
  • Happy and eager to learn new things
  • Develop relationships with other children
  • Children also need to develop skills between language and mental images helping them express knowledge and thought

Today even Grade 1 children need to be prepared for the demands placed on them by schools. With a cognitive foundation, children are more prepared giving them confidence and independence. It has been said that children with a pre-school education and the above mentioned skills, attention management, listening comprehension, language skills and a positive attitude towards school and learning, are easier to teach and cope better themselves.

We are committed to working with parents and teachers to provide a positive school experience for our children. We welcome input and feedback from our parents and children. Our professional staff are dedicated to the educational development and well-being of your children, creating an environment, where your children feel safe and confident.

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